HI! Are you swimmer and enjoy your summer vacations by spending you are a lot of time near the pool area or by swimming in the pool. You will find a lot of pools in every city or country. Mostly the pools only found in the hotels, but now everyone who has big house has a pool in the outside yard. They can enjoy their leisure time by sitting around the pools and children also make a lot of fun here with their friends and families.

          But if you want to enjoy the pool activity then you must take care of the pool and maintain it in good condition. If, pool contains the dirty water and has debris or dust whether in the ground or above ground pool cleaning is essential to survive in the healthy environment.best Pool Vacuum

There is a distinct type of pool cleaners accessible in the market, and it depends on your choice which is the best suitable for cleaning your pool either a pressure, robotic or suction cup filter meets your all requirements. you will see Pool Vaccum reviews before purchasing any unit from the market.


Here I will describe the Robotic Pool Cleaners

  1. 1. Dolphin 99996323 Nautilus Robotic Pool cleaner: – It is best to pool cleaner to clean the in-ground pools. It is 50 feet in length. It has fast speed and cleans the pool area quickly. It can remove all the dirt and trash from the pool within three hours. This type of cleaner doesn’t need any connection to the pool system. It has swivel cable that can do the work of robotic cleaning. It can involve cartridge filter and spring clean filter to clean both large debris and finer. It can vacuums and shrubs the pool’s surface.
  1. 2. Hayward RC 9990GR Tiger Shark QC Automatic Robotic Pool cleaner: – It is an automatic pool cleaner with quick clean technique. It is a very efficient filter which can save your lot of money when you purchase it for the pools. It can turn off the machine automatically when it can finish its work after 3 hours. It has small calculating computer clean pattern for your particular pool. It can not be the only vacuum but also broom and clean with force and provide you the smooth and pleasant floor.
  1. Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover: – It is an above ground robotic pool cleaner. It can clean the pool very efficiently in an hour. Its motor is energy efficient. It has 40 feet cable which can purify the pool in a quick manner. It can automatically turn off within two hours. It is a very reasonable model available in the market.
  1. Dolphin 99996356 Triton Robotic Pool cleaner: – it is another brand of Dolphin which also provides the right results in cleaning the debris and removes all dirt from the pool with the help of caddy swivel cable. It also has an automatic system which can clean the pool within three hours. It has cartridge filter system which can clean the pool quickly and has spring clean technique when you clean the pool after a long time from the winter season. It can’t require nay connection, and you can store it easily and move it quickly.

Conclusion: – These are the few models of Robotic Pool Cleaner which has the best use in 2017 for cleaning the pool efficiently and swiftly.